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iPhone 5 Power Button Repair

iPhone 5 Power Button Repair

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Price: $69.99
Availability: In Stock
Model: iphone5
Manufacturer: Apple
Average Rating: Not Rated

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Is your iPHONE 5 power button giving you problems?  Power buttons do wear and eventually malfunction?  iFar will make your iPHONE 5 power button work like new.  No worries at iFar we've got you covered.  With all most all smart phone parts in stock we will have you ready to go in about an hour on most repairs at our retail outlets. 

For mail in phones we guarantee a 24 hour turn around and free shipping back to you.  So let iFar get you back "like new" by adding this repair to your cart and shipping your phone to our  mail-in repair location, or stop by one of our retail outlets or if you need help simply call toll free at 1-855-456-IFIX (4349).

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Your store clerk was very helpful and was very friendly, it was a pleasure shopping at your store with a great feeling of being there, some clerks just sell ,say total, and your out this young gentleman was very polite, he is a great clerk

•  Bradford B. Tampa International Mall 10/12/2012

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